commercial cleaning

We specialize in cleaning all types of buildings such as retail facilities, warehouses, federal, state, and city buildings, and office buildings of all sizes. No matter what your building cleaning needs are, we can handle it.

Western Building Maintenance janitorial contracts are tailored to your specific needs. Please contact our sales team and they will create a cleaning program for your facility. We provide a wide variety of work schedules to meet your cleaning needs. This may include: daily, weekly, monthly, periodic, or on-call services.

window cleaning

We clean all types of windows such as high-rise glass, skylights, or display glass. We recommend windows be washed two to four times a year. We clean with industry standard equipment and maintain this equipment to meet current OSHA standards.

Image credit for backpack vacuum belongs to ProTeam

carpet cleaning

We provide several methods of carpet cleaning. Some low nap, industrial carpets may be cleaned best by using the Shampoo System. This brush driven machine uses a dry foam shampoo to move the ground in dirt to the surface of the carpet. This allows us to use our commercial ProTeam backpack vacuum cleaners to remove the residue. This method is best used in high traffic areas and hallways. Contact us today to find out more about which method is best for you.

hard floor maintenance

Maintaining hardwood floors is essential to keep them looking polished and beautiful. Our maintenance program will ensure top performance from your floors.

we know you're concerned about the environment...

That's why Western Building Maintenance offers environmentally friendly and toxin free products for clean and healthy results!